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  1. Myth # 1: A PI calf will be thin, have a rough haircoat, and be a poor-doer.

    While many PI's are unthrifty, reports have indicated that up to 50% will appear normal and may enter the stocker operation in excellent condition. PI calves cannot be visually identified.

  2. Myth # 2: Calves are PI because their dam is PI.

    Fact: Recent research has shown that 7% of PI calves' dams were PI; the other 93% of calves have dams with a normal immune response to BVDV and are not persistently infected.

  3. Myth # 3: The greatest cost associated with a PI calf is the death of the calf.

    The reproductive loss associated with lower pregnancy proportions, more abortions, and higher calf mortality is the greatest economic cost of exposure to PI animals.

  4. Myth # 4: BVD won't affect my cattle because I vaccinate.

    The tremendous amount of virus secreted by a PI calf can overwhelm a level of immunity that is protective under less severe exposure. Vaccination alone will not solve BVD problems.

  5. How much does it cost?

    The BVD Lab Test is $3.95 per head for ear notches, $5.00 per head for Blood/serum (volume discount after 2000 tested per year for notches).  Veterinarians - call for special "Vet Pricing"

    Blood Based Lab Pregnancy Test is $3.95 per head plus the cost of red top tubes and needles (you can get them locally or order them through Cattle Stats). Veterinarians - call for special "Vet Pricing"

    Note: Any lab samples submitted under 6 head in a given day are charged at $5.00 per head (BVD or Preg). 

    BVD SNAP tests are $175.00 for a 25 count box (Free Shipping on SNAP Tests).  BVD SNAP Volume Discounts: 2-5 boxes $170 per box, 6 or more $165 per box.  

    Idexx OnFarm Preg Test Kits are $259.00 for a box of 25, plus the cost of tubes, needles & shipping.  **Will sell individual OnFarm Preg Test Kits for $11 each (including tube & needle) plus shipping.

    ELISA on site Preg Kits are $499.00 for 192 well kit (plus $30 for starter pack - first time orders only) plus the cost of tubes, needles & shipping.

    Veterinarians - call for special "Vet Pricing" on lab based tests!


  6. What is the Turn-Around time for results?

    The BVD Lab Test and the Blood Based Lab Pregnancy Tests are run the same day we receive the samples in the lab!  If we receive them on a Tuesday morning, you will have results on Tuesday afternoon.  If samples should happen to arrive after 1:00 in the afternoon, they may need to be pushed to the next business day.  

  7. What is the best way to send in samples?

    You can ship samples via Postal Mail (Priority or Express recommended), UPS (Overnight or Ground) or FedEx.  Whichever is most convenient for you. Postal Mail, UPS Overnight, UPS Ground and FedEx "Priority" overnight all usually arrive in the morning so results are reported the same day.  FedEx Standard overnight or FedEx Ground may not arrive until the late afternoon and may need to be pushed to the next day for results. Also, samples may be dropped of directly to the lab and the same time frame for results will apply (before 1:00 pm - same day results, after 1:00 pm may be the next day for results).

  8. What types of samples do you accept?

    We prefer BVD Testing to be done with an ear notch sample.  However, we can test for BVD with a blood serum sample as well at $5.00 per head.  Pregnancy tests are with blood serum only. Blood for either test needs to be sent in Red Tops only (we cannot run the tests with any other color tops, RED tiger tops are OK).

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