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New OnFarm Lateral Flow Blood Based Pregnancy Test Kits. Super simple to use, yet very accurate.
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Test cow side, on your schedule

The Alertys OnFarm Pregnancy Test detects pregnancy-associated glycoproteins (PAGs) in whole blood (EDTA) as early as 28 days postbreeding and 70 days postcalving.

Use this on-farm pregnancy test to:
  • Increase safety for you and your workers.
  • Find open animals in minutes.
  • Read results easily to make decisions quickly.
  • Decrease subjectivity and time spent training.
  • Bovine EDTA whole blood, plasma, or serum sample types
  • Lateral flow
  • Results available in 5–20 minutes

Idexx OnFarm Preg Test Kit

$259.00 (Box of 25) plus s/h
You will also need blood tubes and needles.
We suggest PURPLE top tubes with EDTA.

* We will also sell individual preg kits for $11.00 each plus s/h.
Call for more info - 405-607-4522.


Also Available: ELISA Rapid Blood-Based

On-Site Pregnancy Testing


On-site, in as little as 21 minutes!

When it comes to pregnancy testing,
accuracy and early detection are essential.

Cattle Stats is now offering the new IDEXX Rapid Bovine Pregnancy Test to deliver ultrasound-like accuracy as early as 28 days after breeding making it an invaluable addition to your reproductive services. With the IDEXX Rapid Bovine Pregnancy Test you get early, accurate answers you can act on with confidence.  All this in as little as 21 minutes right on site! 

The IDEXX Rapid Visual Pregnancy Test is an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) designed to detect the early presence of pregnancy-associated glycoproteins (PAGs) in bovine serum, EDTA plasma, and whole blood as a marker for pregnancy. A microtiter plate format has been configured by coating an anti-PAG antibody onto the plate.  

The test sample and a PAG specific antibody (detector solution) are co-incubated in the coated wells. Unbound antibody is washed away and a horseradish peroxidase conjugate is added to the wells. Unbound conjugate is washed away and TMB substrate is added to the wells. Color development is proportional to the amount of PAG in the sample.  

Color development greater than the negative control observed in a test sample well indicates the presence of PAGs and is interpreted as a positive pregnancy result.  

$499.00 plus Starter Pack for 192 well kit
(Starter Pack - Pipette, Wash Bottle & Lid is $30.00 for first time orders only)

This new test offers:

Exceptional accuracy: Your clients can know with over 99% certainty that the cow is open at just 28 days after breeding. And, a cow is identified as negative as soon as 60 days post calving without interference from the previous pregnancy.

Earlier detection. Accurately detects pregnancy-associated glycoproteins (PAGs) in serum, whole blood or EDTA plasma as early as 28 days after breeding to allow for more frequent testing and improved reproductive performance.

Faster results. Uses proven IDEXX ELISA technology for trusted results in as little as 21 minutes (three 7 minute incubation periods and two manual washes).

� Expanded testing options. Complements your regular pregnancy checks and allows you to run your own test right on site.

Click Here to view the kit contents, testing protocols and procedures!

Click Here for the Validation Report!

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Tail Bleeding with a Needle & Hub.

Tail Bleeding with a Syringe.


Rapid ELISA Pregnancy Kit Demo.

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